Please report all issues in writing to the following email address works@westburyim.com. This is needed prioir to reporting issues to contractors. In your e mail please provide the following information:

  • Your name, the address of the property and your contact number
  • A note of the room/area concerned
  • A full description of the problem
  • Photos will help us and our contractors visualise the issue
  • A note of the make and model number of any faulty items including boilers and white goods

Our emergency telephone number is 020 7612 1251

If you reach the answerphone, please leave a message stating the nature of the emergency, property address and contact number (if a phone number is not left we may be unable to return your call).

For your information, the following circumstances are considered an emergency:-

  • Loss of Power - please check with your neighbours to ensure it is not an area power cut
  • Loss of Water - please check with your neighbours to ensure it is not an area issue
  • Loss of Hot Water/Heating
  • Leaks - that may cause damage to the property, or those surrounding it and cannot be contained
  • Fire - please call 999 prior to calling the Westbury emergency line

Please note, if any contractor is called out an issue that proves to be the fault of the tenant/s,the tenant/s may be liable for the full cost of the call out. 

All other issues will be addressed on our return to the office the following working day.